The inspiration

Last year we bought a farm! 'We' is my husband James, and our two sons Jett and Phoenix. Buying a farm in Tyabb on the Mornington Peninsula was not something that was planned. We stumbled across the property from a friend's facebook page, and then just went for a visit to take our boys to see the sheep. Well, we fell in love and figured out a way to make it work. Since living here, I never want to leave, and have been looking for ways to stay home more. We have big ideas for the property with lots of thoughts of what we could do with all the space. We named the property 'The Little Wedge Farm' due to it's shape, and within that there is a beautiful little studio which I have been using to create my art. 

After years of working between beauty, with skincare and make up, art and design. I decided to train in eyelash extensions (as I am obsessed with them - particularly now having kids (who has time for mascara everyday?!) and spray tanning (as this pasty white skin does me no favours in winter... and I really should be sun smart in summer!) As all my friends and family know, I only ever want to use natural, organic skincare and make up and so wanted to offer that where I could for customers. Hence why I decided the best spray tan brand for me to offer was Eco Tan - as it's what I use, and couldn't handle the idea of spraying someone full of chemicals when I would never do that. 

The salon is yet to be finished, so will certainly be updating you all on the progress of that. Until then, keep warm - it is freezing!

Love, Kirsten xx